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Mysterious and ancient Uygur medicine


Uygur medicine (a unique way of curing and maintaining health basing on the four kinds of materials: Fire, gas, water and soil), having enormous impact on world medical field, is viewed mysterious medicine. Humans rely on nature and cannot meet their own needs without nature. In ancient Uygur medicine, priority is given to those four natural materials; Human body is the unique combination of these materials, so the point  comes from nature, gives back and goes back to nature.


In the 4th century BC, a famous man named Ghazibay, a giant in Uygur medical history who lived in the south of the Taklamakan desert founded the main ideas of the mysterious Uygur medicine and wrote "Ghazibay System of Materia Medica ".


After adopted by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, it went all over Europe and north Africa. Soon this pharmacology spreads to central Asia and today's Iran and became a famous medical reference book of doctors.


Later the ancient Uygur medicine was more scientized and enriched by Abu Ali Ebinsina and Abdu Nasir Farabi. In those days, in any place, if there is a medical technician who mastered ancient Uygur medicine that place was lucky in health care issues, especially in controlling the spread of infectious diseases.


At this point, Mr. Ali Ismayil is a proud son of Uygur nation with great passion to ancestor's brilliant vestige and with noble wishes and strong desire, founded Xinjiang Sadakat Biotechnology Development co., LTD.


 Sadakat Biotechnology Development co., LTD is  not aiming economic profit as the goal only, with the help of a large number of talents and funds, collected precious historical secret recipes, pays great attention to the livelihood of the people, to the research of relevant ancient excavation work, and collecting local famous physicians' unique recipes, combined ancient Uygur medicine with modern technical and scientific researches.


Sadakat with the help of right strategy, strong corporate culture, driven by unique business, collected many historical secret recipes, on the base of keeping latest science and technology linked to the nature, produced a series of Sadakat products with increased values, and won a great number of consumer's confidence.


New strategy, new trend


Sadakat’s strategy is going global.

Mr. Ali Ismayil's goal is just like the great ancestors such as Ebinsina and Al Fa rabi  to share the natural heirloom with all nations in our world and contribute to the health care of all humans.


"Every person has to identify and recognize why he was born", says Mr. Ali, "only in this way life can be happy; each person must know what their ambitions are , only in this way  they come closer to perfection; every one must know how much they can help others, there will be no regret in the end".


Letting Uygur medicine go global is the duty and responsibility of Mr. Ali and all members of Sadakat Biotechnology Development Company.



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