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Chairman of the board
Chairman of the board



Life is a road, health is the pace! Life can last as long as the pace can walk! As the  society develops, environmental pollution, ruining of ecological balance and daily consumption of inferior quality foods caused dangerous effects to human lives. Physical and mental health is the foundation of happiness and success in life. So health and fineness is the problem that people pay attention to should be careful about.


Uygur medicine with its long history accumulated many rich experiences , using plants, minerals and animal concentrate, treated various of diseases, physical and mental health, and strove for finenessand longevity,Collected abundant and precious, a unique way of health care.

This historical secret recipe and ancestral heritage is going to constant rise and make perfection in Sadakat biotechnology base.


In our society, health care became every ones concern. Sadakat willingly brought health care products which is based on the achievements of the precious heritage of ancient Uygur medicine and the secret recipes, combining it with the modern biotechnology.


Our products are produced combining the best effect of precious ancient Uygur medical recipe with the modern technology, on the basis of maintaining pure plant concentrates.


To improve your health, fineness and the quality of life, with the help of scientific research, we have produced preventive and therapeutic medical products. Our purpose is to retrieve your health and fineness with the help of Uygur historical secret recipes, to provide with faithful, first-class services.


Modern medical technology surprisingly combined the new technology with the ancestors wisdom, made it possible for us to reach human needs of health, fineness, youthfulness, longevity and happiness.


Along with the perfection of products, deepening of new technology and practical use of it, Sadakat is going fast and steady to a brighter future on the road to human health.


We set up for long-term and Our strengths comes from the success of our products!

Health and beautiful moments are for consumers! Your health stands for our wish!

Come and let’s walk the road together! We will put the company among the first of enterprises!

Stay healthy and be fine!




Chairman: Ali Ismayil


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ADD:3105/2, North Spring City Tower, No 35, Yeng Awat Road , Urumqi, Sinkiang E-mail: xjsadakat@hotmail.com
Tel:+86 991 2888112 Fax:+86 991 2888192