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Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture

Traditional Uyghur medicine is an independent, unique, indispensable part of China’s traditional medicine; it’s a great conclusion of a long history of an intelligent people who fought effectively against diseases, sought reasonable ways of preventing diseases.

Xinjiang  is one of the world’s hotspots for longevity and there are many people who lived over a hundred years. Uyghur medicine and it’s theory, being a priceless cultural heritage of our ancestors has played a vital role in maintaining people’s health and preventing diseases. Meanwhile, Uyghur medicine had very strong impact on Tibetan medicine, Mongolian medicine and Chinese medicine, as well as other medical theories and practices of mankind.

Historical giants of medical field had carried forward their research one after one and wrote down their findings. Now thanks to the achievements of modern biotechnology, those precious heritages of ancestor’s are playing very important role on healthcare stages. We are proud of what ancestors left for us and it’s our duty to continue their work and spread all over the world what we have earned for the good of mankind.


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