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Job information

Gender: Not limited to,

Education: Academic level.
1 human resources qualifications: (1) human resources, management or related bachelor degree; (2) 5 years of relevant working experience, 3 years working experience in human resources manager; (3) To know the modern enterprise human resources management mode of systematic understanding and get practical experience; (4 ) To be strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership, sense of responsibility, ambition. 2 The financial and accounting responsibilities, (1) Abide by the laws, regulations and accounting of the uniform accounting system of the state, maintain financial and economic law, earnestly perform their duties. (2) according to the national accounting law, under the guidance of the company's financial director, (3) contract review, sorting and analysis of data, timely supervision and sales system data update, backup, maintenance, etc. (4) responsible for daily check each sales subsidiary companies, according to the quantity, price, the salesman classified acc...
Age requirement:20To35Years

Number of people:4

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