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Sharbat Illachi
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Cardamom Syrup - Refreshing and pleasant tasting syrup, also has a fragrant effect in mouth and perspiration.

Sharbat Illachi is made of pure and natural ingredients. This is why the exclusive taste and quality of Sharbat Illachi never deteriorated. The experts of our Research and Development Department performed this memorable work. The fragrance of cardamom is so refined and delicate that even a slight careless handling can make it vanish. It was an extremely difficult to make the natural fragrance of cardamom a part of its syrup. They, by putting their knowledge, research and scientific means into practice, ultimately succeeded in preserving the fragrance of cardamom in sharbat Illachi. The remarkable quality of this syrup is that it is completely free from all artificial scents and it is prepared form pure cardamom water.


Action: A drink that invigorates heart and mind and gives energy to stomach and liver.

Composition: Refined Sugar755-765 g, Aqua distillate of Ellettaria cardamomum37.3 ml, Ellettaria cardamomum Ext.5.3 ml

.Sodium Benzoate (as preservative)1.1 ml,  Citric Acid1.1 mL, Food Colour0.15 g.

Packing: 800 ml PET Bottle.

. Directions for Use: Pour 25 ml Sharbat Illachi concentrate into one glass (225 ml) of chilled water and shake well before drinking. Sharbat Illachi can be taken at any time of the day or night when desired, mixed with water. One bottle (800 ml) of Sharbat Illachi is enough to prepareservings.vings.rvings.

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Note: Patients with diabetes should consult their physician before using Sharbat Sandal

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