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profect guide for kidney stones and its problem
Author: sadakat Published: 2015-03-18 12:12:43 Source: Click: 956


Perfect guide for kidney stones and its problem

The latest study of the disease has pointed out that the common drugs given to the patients of migraine have found to be increasing the risk of kidney stones. Topiramate commonly called topamax, a famous drug used by migraine and seizures patients and highly prescribed to treat these cases have been found to increase the risk of kidney stones. It has been confirmed that the drug increases the propensity of calcium phosphate as per the research undertaken by the UT Southwestern Center.

It has been found that a large number of Americans suffer from migraines and women are affected thrice times more often then men. Due to this reason the drug named Topiramate is among the most commonly prescribed and used by the patients.

Unlike other medicines of migraine this drug is not associated with weight gain rather it is highly associated with weight loss. The patients using this drug need not worry about getting obese on contrary this drug leads to weight loss. There are a few dietary remedies if followed can prevent a person from getting kidney stones to some extent. It is believe that intake of 32 to 64 ounces of water a day is helpful measure. It is further advised to increase intake of vitamin C that would help you lower the urine PH. Maximizing the intake of fluid and water are helpful measure to keep kidney stones away from you

Kidney stones suffers are always in a need of a perfect guide who can direct them correctly and accurately moreover who himself has updated knowledge about the disease and its remedies. Kidney stones forum is a place where you would get the best information and where you can have open discussions about the kidney stones, its causes, symptoms and tips for prevention.

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